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We come from, live and work in, every corner of our blue planet and we are proud of it. Our logo represents the thing that connects every place on earth, the ocean.


Innovation is the core reason of why we exist and the cause of our success in the commercial marketplace. We believe in the amazing capacity and potential of human beings and we strive to innovate in all that we do.

Part of the solution

We run a paperless office (as you'll see when we send you something to sign) We also completely offset our emissions through carbon credits.


We have financially supported hundreds of entrepreneurs in developing markets through loans via kiva.org Loans to entrepreneurs help them build businesses, which employ people, which builds economies, which builds nations.


Global Rev Gen is a digital consultancy and media agency.

We work with brands and other agencies all over the world to implement digital media campaigns in new and innovative ways.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services include strategic advice around delivering Business, Brand, Marketing and Media outcomes. We consult to startups and corporates directly as well as their agencies.

Media Services

Our media services include media strategy, campaign planning, media planning & buying, campaign management & assessment, tracking & analytics, reporting, re-investment planning & optimization. We work across every digital channel (and sometimes some offline ones too).



COGNITION is Global Rev Gen's proprietary CMP (Campaign Management Platform) It has been custom built by us, for us to help us deliver value to our clients. All of the work we do flows through, and is enhanced by this platform. It is the outcome of our innovation and drives us to collaborate and innovate and inspires us to scale.


It enables efficient access and management of organized and un-organized digital ad inventory (Organized inventory can be purchased via technology platforms, un-organized inventory requires humans to work with other humans)


It is a data warehouse of thousands of global traffic sources, all categorized by digital channel, traffic type, quality and accessibility


Regional teams can service local clients and work with global publishers efficiently and at scale.


10,000+ hours in development so far, it enjoys continued government grants and is the core of our Research & Development program


API and manual data input allows COGNITION to integrate effectively with emerging publishers and technologies

Global Rev Gen partnered with Roobykon Software in 2010 to design and build the COGNITION platform.


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Rob Brown
Group Manager eMarketing, Navitas

Garry Traynor
Principal, Sydney Community College

Sue Brenchley
Marketing Director, FetchTV

Malcolm Stewart
Senior Partner, Customedia

Ben Foote
CEO, CareerOne [Testimonial]

Ben Foote
CEO, CareerOne [Interview]

Ricky Sutton
Founder / CEO, Oovvuu

Stephen Hale
Head of Marketing & Communications,
Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia

Rod Gillespie
Owner, Gillespie Advertising

Amanda Tomsic
Manager, Marketing & Sponsorships, CUSCAL


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Global Rev Gen provides:
- what to buy, why to buy it, where to buy it, how much to spend on it, how to track it, when to optimise it
- planning, scheduling, buying, organising, tracking, testing, optimising, reporting
- what is working, how to interpret, when to stop spending, why to keep testing, where to re-invest
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