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Greenland has an internet penetration of 67.4 % so based on their total population of 56,196 people 37,899 are online, leaving 18,297 non-internet users.

Compare this to the Europe region which has an internet penetration of 73.5% with a total online population of 604,147,280 for the region as a whole.

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Specific data on Greenland is difficult to come by but based on the aggregate data for the European region and extrapolated results there are:


households (39.0%) with internet access at home


households (36.0%) with a computer


households (8.9%) with a fixed broadband subscription


households (42.3%) with an active mobile broadband subscription


(91.6%) mobile cellular telephone subscriptions


(11.3%) fixed telephone subscriptions

Greenland is one of the countries which has lower total internet advertising growth and lower mobile internet penetration.

Only a handful of countries have relatively low mobile internet penetration coupled with low growth in total internet advertising revenue. Internet speed is one of the contributing factors. Nevertheless, these countries are still expected to have mobile internet penetration rates above 60% in 2019.

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